We have one goal: to provide classical musicians with world class recordings.

Owned and operated by Dr Jonathan Fitzgerald, Perth Recording is Western Australia's only on-location classical recording specialist.

With 15 years of professional audio recording experience and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree, Jonathan is among the most highly qualified engineers and musicians in WA. With his extensive education and experience, he possesses an ideal combination of the technical engineering skills to get a great sounding recording, and the musicianship to produce a session that results in the most musical and compelling final product possible.

During the course of his career he has engineered, produced, edited and mastered countless commercially released classical CDs. His works have garnered glowing reviews from respected organisations such as the American Record Guide, Soundboard Magazine, and many others.

Jonathan earned Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Music, where he began studies as a double degree student in Audio Recording and Classical Guitar Performance. He went on to earn a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the world-renowned Eastman School of Music in New York. He has studied with some of the most revered engineers and producers in the classical music world, including Telarc Record's Tom Knab, Paul Blakemore, and Jack Renner (multi-Grammy Award winners), and Azica Record's Bruce Egre and Alan Bise (Grammy Award winners).

Why Choose Us Over a Conventional Studio?

Have a look at the credits in the booklet of your favourite major-label classical CD. Whether it’s a solo violinist, string quartet or full orchestra, chances are it was recorded on-location in a concert hall or cathedral, not in a studio. While “studio” recordings may be standard for rock/pop groups, they are generally avoided in the classical music world. For classical instruments, we firmly believe that a recording which faithfully captures both the sound of the instrument and the natural reverb of a real performance space - like an aural snapshot of a live concert experience - will be more artistically satisfying than the “in your face” sound and artificial reverb of a studio recording.

For more information about these recording approaches and how they impact the final product, please visit our Resources page.