Editing & Mastering


Transforming raw session material into the final product.

This is the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of the recording process. The raw session material must be sorted through, the cleanest and most musically compelling takes identified, and then painstakingly spliced together using specialised software. The software used in Pop/Rock Studios (such as Protools, Nuendo, etc) is not designed for this kind of detailed editing, resulting in much less flexiblity in the editing process. At Perth Recording, we use Sequoia. This highly specialised software is designed for the kind of precise editing required in classical music, and as a result it has become standard the world over with high-end classical labels and mastering houses.

How long will it take?

The number of hours required for editing is largely dependant upon how well you play in the recording session. If you give exceptionally clean performances and only require a handful of edits per movement, editing could take as little as 10 hours. Conversely, if we have to piece together every phrase from multiple takes (we've had over 600 edits on a single CD for a past client), it could take 60 hours or longer. Being well prepared for your recording session will not only make the process much easier, but also much less expensive. For more information on how to best prepare for your recording session, please visit our Resources page.