Recording Sessions

Recording for release on CD or digital platforms.

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A recording session is where works are performed in many "takes," usually broken down into small manageable sections (sometimes just a few measures), with the goal of hitting every note perfectly at least once and shaping each phrase as musically as possible. These raw takes are then digitally assembled in post-production, much like a jigsaw puzzle, to form a complete and seamless note-perfect performance that captures your artistic vision and interpretation. While many musicians may be surprised to learn that their favourite classical CD is not in reality a single live performance, recording in this manner is industry-standard: all commercially released classical CDs have been produced this way.

Sessions are typically booked in four hour blocks, with a standard 60 minute CD usually requiring around 12 hours of recording time for a well prepared performer. All recording sessions are "on-location," meaning that we record in the venue (typically a hall, large church or cathedral) of your choosing. For more information on preparing for your recording session or choosing a suitable venue, please visit our Resources page.

*Minimum booking 1.5 hours.